A trip to remember

Finally, the day had arrived. I was overwhelmed with joy. Many a times I had read about trekking but never got a chance to experience it before that day. Yes, this time it happened – a last minute plan and we were all ready for the trip. We were waiting for our bus for an hour and it arrived at around 12.30 am. In Bangalore, at that time the scene was different. We could see very less people and a few buses and trucks passing by the highway. We imagined it to be a normal trekking as the hills didn’t seem to be very steep in pictures, until we reached to the point from where we were to start our trekking journey and the path seemed not that easy. We were at a certain height on the hill and could see the whole Kolar city – full of lights – a breathtaking view it was!! It was chilling above there.
In some time, we were to start our adventure – The Anthargange trekking and cave exploration.
We, a group of seven people with two other groups, started heading towards the path with our guide that was a bit tricky and thrilling. We had sticks in one hand and mobile flashlights in the other. Our curiosity level increased as we were going to experience a very new thing and explore what was coming on our way. We made two more friends on our way (2 dogs) who joined us in between and were with us till the end of the trip. It seemed they were the actual guides – the experts who knew each and everything about the hill.
We started moving in line as it was a very narrow path and one wrong step could make us fall in trouble. We had to cross many hurdles as to trek was not that easy there. With full of determination, we crossed all the hurdles in a very discipled manner and believe me hurdles never felt so exciting before. Every step seemed to be full of thrill, where each one us were living the moment. Then we reached to the entry point of the cave – our second part of the trip. The experiences we had inside the cave were the most thrilling experiences any one could have. We felt like we were trapped inside a game and to come out of the cave, we must cross all the levels. Every time, we felt it was impossible to cross the path but we did it though it was little bit tricky but slowly it became super exciting and every level seemed to be a new challenge. As we started passing the levels one by one, our fear disappeared and crossing every level seemed to be a new achievement. Finally, we had explored all the paths that took us to the inside of the cave. The whole team sat there for a while and meditated. So peaceful it was – we could hear only the sound of the wind as the cave was open from above. Then it was time we had to explore rest of the path that would take us out of the cave. Had a feeling we conquered something and were overwhelmed with joy.
After that we went to the place where we were to light up our campfire and enjoy the success.

cliffs clouds cloudy daylight
Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

It was 4.30 am then. We lit our campfire and enjoyed with our team till 6 am in the morning. It was totally a different experience, though we could not enjoy the sunrise as it was cloudy that morning. But it was really a moment we would cherish for long. The view from the hill top was mesmerizing. Fresh air never felt so good before.
A natural and lively feeling, away from the crowd and everyday hustle and bustle.
It was like ‘Getting lost in the nature and finding yourself.’



13 thoughts on “A trip to remember

  1. looks like you had a lot of fun! but i think i wont prefer groups, but just the one i’d be in love w, then the trip can turn wild! i loved reading this! take care!

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