The Journey – When I Discovered the New Me!!

That day, three years back. Late afternoon, I received the mail containing the joining letter of my new and first job. I was longing for this day. I was super excited about this as I always wanted to be an independent woman who can lead her life in her own terms.

Who does not wants to? Every girl deserves to lead an independent life!! Isn’t it?

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I was about to explore something new, a new city – a city of my dream!! I was both excited and afraid too. Afraid because, it was the first time I was going to leave my home, my parents. I have never been anywhere alone before. I was afraid that I may get lost in the new city where everything was unknown and unpredictable.

As the day was nearing by, I started preparing myself for the new journey – a new phase of my life. But somewhere in my thoughts I was asking myself that “How will I stay without my parents!!”  I was dependent on them and suddenly everything was going to change.

Finally, the day came and I had to leave my city, to start my career!! I was accompanied by my mom and dad. We reached our destination. After two days was my joining. I was very much eager to join the company –  to experience how everything happens there. First few days were very much exciting but then it was the day that made me gloomy – the day my parents had to leave for home. My eyes were filled with tears when they were going far from me and everything became hazy slowly. How I wished, I could stop them but couldn’t do anything.

After that everything was on me. I had to handle everything myself from that day. It was becoming harder for me day by day. I was breaking down as I was not able to cope up with the pressure, the hectic schedules that had to be followed everyday. There was a time when I thought of leaving everything and go back home.

But my inner voice said “Stop!! You cannot cry over little things. This is just the beginning. You have to be strong. When you fall down, it is you who should be able to pull yourself up and no one else.”

“God helps those, who help themselves”- they say.  I made up my mind that I have to be strong and help myself.

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After that day everything changed – I changed. Every time I was in trouble or I found difficulty in something, I took it as challenge, faced it and I found that I was able to make things easy for myself. I used to be an introvert but I changed myself to a ‘NEW ME’.

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I was enjoying the new person within me. I started finding happiness in small things – in short became a fun loving girl.

Everyday I meet new people, face new challenges but now I deal with everything in a more mature way and not like the person I used to be once upon a time. I am not perfect but I think I have improved  a lot and still continuing!! I learn new things everyday, try to find positivity in everything and lead a contended life.

I feel like I should save money and travel to new places. Travelling gives me utmost happiness. Being with nature and feeling the fresh air can never match with anything else. Finding happiness and exploring new things in my own way. This is my journey till now.

“Let your Dream be bigger than your Fears!!”




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