Is telling a lie more comforting than an unpleasant truth?? | Just a random thought..

Hello my readers!!!

How are you all??

Today’s post is about a random thought that I have in my mind. So just wanted to share with you all.

Do feel free to share what you think 🙂

Sometimes we are in a situation when we are in a dilemma of what to say – a lie or the truth??

A lie is some fake story that our mind generates while we do not want to speak the harsh or unpleasant truth. This can hurt us or the person who is being told a lie, for a lifetime.

Why do we feel telling a lie is more easier than saying the truth??

Is it because our mind is afraid to accept the consequences that we are going to face after telling the truth or is it the temporary comfort we look for in telling a lie??

But from whom are we hiding the truth??

Our soul knows it all, then how can a lie be comfortable. That one lie can snatch your happiness from you, make you feel guilty life long.

Speaking out the harsh truth may be difficult but only for the time being. It is temporary. As time passes everything can become normal, at least there would be peace within you. You wouldn’t feel the pain from inside which a lie can definitely give. It can cost you, your happiness, your peace of mind.

I feel telling the truth makes more sense than a lie. I would be happy that I don’t have to hide something from anyone, whatever it is but at least it is truth. I can walk with dignity.

Telling a single lie makes you tell a hundred more lies just to hide the first lie. Just imagine the pressure on your mind. How can you be happy then?? That one lie would haunt you like a ghost every time.

The best thing of speaking the truth is you don’t have to remember anything before speaking. Peace of mind matters the most for everyone 🙂

Isn’t it??


Please comment about what you all feel…



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